The Cost of Family Mediation

Our fees are charged on a pay as you go basis, in advance by cheque or bank transfer.

Stage 1 – Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting

  • MIAM £90 per person

This fee is payable when booking your appointment and must be paid in advance before your MIAM meeting.

Stage 2 – Mediation sessions

  • All issues (child, property, and finance issues) £180

These fees are per person, per mediation session, these fees payable at the start of your session or may be paid in advance by bank transfer.

Stage 3 – Additional Mediation Session

For any additional mediation session fees on stage 2 apply

Stage 4 – Mediation session with children fee is £120 per session

Stage 5 – Writing up your agreement and/or mediation documents

  • Production of your final agreement and/or mediation documents cost is £120 & per person

We will contact you to arrange payment prior to preparation of your documents (where applicable).

Please note that you might not need to go through all above stages, some may end in stage 1 and some go through all stages.

Reminder: Fees given are per person Including VAT.