Preparing for Mediation

  1. We aim to hold mediation sessions at a time and location convenient for both neighbours. We’ll do our best to arrange a convenient local venue. It might be a community centre, church or library, for example. If we don’t know your area, we will ask you for suggestions. Both neighbours must agree to and be comfortable with the venue.
  2. There needs to be agreement on who attends a mediation session – we need to provide a safe, predictable space for people to have their conversations. We will ask people whether they see the conversation just being between themselves and their neighbour, or whether they would hope for other(s) to attend also. Our job is to help people agree on this before a session.
  3. Sometimes people find it helpful to prepare for a session – to think through what it is they want to talk about, why the issues are important and possible solutions. And what might be important for their neighbour. If this would be helpful for you, please click here. It is for your reference only and there is no need to bring it along to a session.